The diet of mycoheterotrophic plants

Since the hallmark papers of Ken Cullings et al. (1996) and Martin Bidartondo et al. (2002) – both in Nature – many studies have reported on the high mycorrhizal specificity of mycoheterotrophic plants. But specificity is a relative thing, and may differ over the geographic distribution of a species. Therefore Sofia Gomes compared the mycorrhizal specificity of several Thismia species in Australia and New Zealand with that of surrounding plants. She found that mycoheterotrophs always chose for a very specific lineage of fungi, unlike green plants for which mycorrhizal interactions are much less specific. The results were recently published in the journal New Phytologist.


Website launched!

I own this domain for several years, but never found the time to develop my plans: built an attractive website that sheds light on some of the most intriguing plants on our planet: mycoheterotrophs.

Thanks to (?) some serious health issues that have grounded me this summer (and the previous one) I was finally able to develop this site. The website, which will be forever ‘under construction’, provides an overview of the enigmatic plants, some information about their taxonomy and ecology, and – most importantly – shows a lot of pictures. Because the plants deserve to be seen!

With this blog I plan to highlight news on mycoheterotrophs. New species, publications, amazing pictures,… it all deserves to be here.


Group portret

The author looking at Epirixanthes cylindrica in a rain forest in Borneo