Classification: Monocots, Dioscoreales

Genera: Burmannia, Gymnosiphon, Apteria, Dictyostega, Campylosiphon, Hexapterella, Miersiella, Marthella

Diversity: Burmanniaceae consist of eight genera and ca. 96 species. With respectively 56 and 32 species Burmannia and Gymnosiphon are the largest genera. The other genera comprise one or two species only. All species, except for 37 species of Burmannia, are fully mycoheterotrophic.

Distribution and habitat: Burmanniaceae have a pantropical distribution. The distributions of Apteria and a few Burmannia species extend into the subtropics. Fully mycoheterotrophic Burmanniaceae species mainly occur in ever- green forest, but Apteria sometimes grows in wet savannas. Most species grow at low elevations, but some species occur at 2,000 m and above. Chlorophyllous Burmannia species prefer wet savannas or swamps, or grow occasionally in gallery or savanna forests.