The Iris family has one genus, Geosiris, with two mycoheterotrophic species. The genus is restricted to rain forest on Madagascar and the Comoros.


Classification: Monocots, Asparagales

Genera with mycoheterotrophic species: Geosiris

Diversity: Iridaceae contain over 2,000 species in 66 genera. The family includes two fully mycoheterotrophic species, Geosiris aphylla and G. albiflora.

Distribution and habitat: Iridaceae have a cosmopolitan distribution, with a main center of diversity in southern Africa. They are particularly species-rich in the Cape region . Iridaceae are mainly found in open, seasonable habitats, but also occur in forests, savan- nas, and semi-arid habitats. They grow on a variety of different soil types.

Fungi: The fungi of Geosiris remain to be sequenced, but are most likely arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.

Fun fact: Just like the lemurs, Geosiris is restricted to Madagascar and the Comoros.